q: where have you been?
a: i had some real life stuff to do. now i am back!

q: are you anonymous?
a: i still support the legion and the fight for freedom of speech.

q: what now?
a: well, we will see…

q: where is all the content and old stuff you did?
a: i have a backup but i will not restore all of the data. step for step i will restore some things i want to see online again.

q: would you help me with my stuff?
a: contact me and we will sort it out.

q: how to contact you?
a: find me on twitter or jabber whywefight@jabber.ccc.de or write an email to freedom[at]whywefight[dot]net.

q: will you support operations?
a: if they seem usefull to me, i will do.

q: what happend to prooops?
a: sadly it is dead. the current version of the irc is fake, i do not support it.

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